The importance of cyber-security has never been more critical.

Criminals are moving online to chase the zeros and ones that now make up value and identity, warfare has become hybridised with cyber forming part of the mix, and company CEOs are ousted following major breaches that compromise people’s data and tarnish company reputations. 


In the face of this onslaught, you, our technologists, vendors, service providers, strategists, policy-makers, regulators and academics – in government and industry – have worked tirelessly to come up with ever more ingenious ways to preempt, prevent, disrupt, or recover from cyber-attacks, while adhering to the requirements of a complex and ever-changing regulatory compliance environment, ensuring the privacy and safety of customers, staff and the public at large.


In 2016 SC Magazine UK will once again be honouring those of you that have stood out over the past year as exemplars of excellence among our vast army of defenders, working largely unseen to protect our data.  Through the SC Awards 2016 we will recognise and reward your achievements and the outstanding contributions you have made to information security.


Our winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges who will painstakingly go through your submissions. Whether a leading player or innovative newcomer, you will be judged on the quality of your entry by our judges who will score, comment, and sometimes disagree over who deserves to be recognised for their achievements this year.  The top scoring companies will emerge as winners, to be presented with their trophy on Awards night when they will receive their due recognition from our industry, affirming that they are setting an example of excellence to be emulated.

2015 Gallery

Awards Night7 June 2016
  • @cyberscTom @frankieboyle @guardian @guardiantech @guardiang2 A settee czar.

  • We never pegged @frankieboyle as a cyber-security commentator! #trident /cc @guardian @guardiantech @guardiang2

  • RT @FSecure: Headline from the last day of 2015: One cyber attack you can definitely expect in 2016…

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