Melanie Oldham OBE

Founding Director , Bob's Business / UKC3

Melanie Oldham OBE is a highly accomplished and respected figure in the technology industry, renowned for her outstanding contributions to cybersecurity and her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the sector. With a career spanning over two decades, she has consistently demonstrated visionary leadership and a deep passion for driving innovation. As the Founder and CEO of a prominent cybersecurity firm, Melanie has not only carved out a distinguished reputation for herself but has also made significant strides in enhancing the security and resilience of organisations worldwide. Her expertise in cybersecurity has earned her numerous accolades and recognition, including her appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to cybersecurity. In addition to her role in cybersecurity, Melanie also serves as the Director and Skills Lead for UKC3 (the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration), where she plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth of regional cybersecurity ecosystems through clusters. Her leadership in this capacity has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and innovation among various stakeholders, contributing to the development of a vibrant cluster ecosystem across the UK. Beyond her professional achievements, Melanie is a dedicated advocate for fostering diversity and equal opportunities in technology. She has been an instrumental force in supporting and mentoring emerging talent, particularly women and underrepresented minorities, inspiring them to pursue fulfilling careers in technology.