Omada Identity Cloud


Omada Identity Cloud Is a full-featured SaaS solution, with the highest governance and audit standards in the industry to help customers secure and enable the full identity lifecycle. The cloud architected solution provides customers with the ability to govern and control all identities and their corresponding access to systems and applications; regardless of where someone works, or whether the resource is deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Omada Identity Cloud delivers essential identity governance functionality for secure, compliant, and efficient administration of all identities' (employees', partners', customers', and contractors) access across all systems and applications. It delivers minimised time-to-value in just twelve weeks with the Omada Identity Cloud Accelerator Package and is built and designed to meet the ongoing scale and demands of ever-changing businesses. The Accelerator Package is a part of Omada IdentityPROCESS+, a comprehensive, best practice framework which describes the most important processes needed to ensure a successful IGA deployment. This framework helps organisations implement best practice processes and avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel,’ to minimise the risk of over-engineering or implementing unproven or flawed processes.