Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is the first company to apply end-to-end deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware. Deep Instinct’s framework is one of only six major deep learning frameworks in the world, and more importantly, it is the world’s first and only purpose-built deep learning framework for cybersecurity.  

We help organisations focus on preventing cyberattacks before they infect an environment and achieve impact, rather than detecting and responding to them, once the damage has likely already been done. Deep Instinct’s deep learning

 technology is able to protect organisations from known, unknown, and zero-day threats, with both a superior accuracy and speed than other endpoint protection platforms (EPP). The solution's capabilities

mean that organisations no longer have to focus on reacting and mitigating threats, but can instead focus on preventing them.

Our extremely low false positives and ransomware prevention means that SOC teams are given back time to focus on actionable alerts, and pinpoint threats faster and with greater efficiency.