Arctic Wolf

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. New technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge every year, yet despite this constant innovation, we continue to see high profile breaches in the headlines.

For many organizations, hiring security experts and building a team for 24x7 coverage to handle security operations is cost-prohibitive, so they turn to managed security services providers (MSSPs) for help. Traditional MSSPs, however, are notoriously ineffective because they often just set up security tools and start forwarding alerts to customers. The inability for customers to get value from the MSSP's security expertise is why the MDR market now exists.

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response helps mid-size organizations address the effectiveness of their security operations by:

·  Optimizing existing IT and security tools for better prevention and then storing all telemetry in the Arctic Wolf Platform for storage, enrichment, and analysis

·  Adding external expertise to establish 24x7 monitoring, threat hunting, and triage that can quickly identify and respond to advanced threats

·  Continually reviewing their cybersecurity posture and recommending strategic actions that will harden their environment

About Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf is a global leader in security operations, delivering a premier cloud-native security operations platform designed to end cyber risk. Powered by threat telemetry spanning endpoint, network, and cloud sources, the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud ingests and analyzes more than two trillion security events a week across the globe, enabling critical outcomes for security use cases and optimizing customers’ disparate security solutions. The Arctic Wolf Platform delivers automated threat detection and response at scale, and empowers organizations of virtually any size to establish world-class security operations with the push of a button.