Top tips for entering

The SC Awards Europe 2021 are now open and we are eagerly awaiting your entries. 

We understand writing a successful award entry can be time-consuming, therefore we wanted to help you with a few top tips for your entry. 

To help you get started we have created a video with tips from previous judges and winners. Take a look at the video below and we are hoping this will help inspire your award-winning entry!

Here are a few more hints and tips from judges:

What is your objective?

Be clear with your message. We want you to tell us why your product deserves to win. Is your entry innovative and something new?

Read the entry kit twice

Use the entry kit to your advantage and read through the criteria carefully and then read again, but out loud! The earlier you read, the better for your entry.

Get your point across

Judges in general have a high workload doing their day jobs, so their time is scarce. Keep to the point and don't deviate too far away from your answer.

Stand out from the crowd

Judges want to see your enthusiasm, make it interesting, show us how much energy and excitement you have for your product.

Back up your claims

If you quote numbers, please ensure that these are verifiable. There is nothing worse than saying “this will stop 99% of xxx” without evidential proof.

Feedback is key

If you have customer testimonials, ensure to include them in your entry. Even if you are in the pilot stage of your entry, include in your entry because a user view is extremely valuable.

Don’t break the rules

Answer the question being asked, not the question you want to answer. And stick to the word count specified