How to Enter

Who can enter?

The SC Awards Europe 2018 is open to all information security vendors, service providers and professionals, and there are specific categories open to each.

Entrants must be carrying out work in the UK and Europe.

Entry requirements and qualification questions

You’ll notice as you review the entry kit that categories are split into sets to reflect the various groups covered in the ‘Who can enter?’ section. 

For each of these sets, there is a list of questions you must answer in order to qualify your nomination.

Also, if you are entering multiple categories, you must offer unique answers for each. That is, avoid copying and pasting the same answers for each category you enter as this may yield a negative response from our judging panel.

Online nomination submission

  1. Using a word document or PDF write your submission answering the questions set out in the entry kit under your category
  2. Register and enter your submission online, fill out your contact details and upload your entry
  3. Pay for your entry by credit card or request an invoice.
  4. You will receive an automated confirmation once you have made your submission.
  5. You have 50MB in total for each online entry you upload. Please ensure that your entry does not exceed 50MB as you will not be able to upload it successfully. If you are uploading video supporting material please add the link to a word document and upload with your entry

Entry fees

Final Deadline- Thursday 8th February 2018 / Midnight GMT 

Entry fee- £235 + Late fee (£85) + VAT (if VAT does not apply to you, you can claim this back)

2018 Entry Kit

Download the entry kit for entry requirements.

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